This is a unique library specially conceptualised and established with great insight into the phenomenon of Indian Classical Dance as one of the most important facets or the jewel that is Indian Culture.

Attracted by tremendous reputation that Nalanda Nritya Kala Mahavidyalaya enjoys nationally and globally as a college following all the norms laid down by U.G.C. and affiliated to the premier University of Mumbai students from all over India and the world seek admission. Keeping in view this cosmopolitan nature of the student population the library stocks books in following

★  English ★  Sanskrit ★  Prakrit ★  Hindi ★  Marathi ★  Sanskrit ★  regional languages like Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, etc.

Nalanda advocates that Dance cannot be appreciated or learnt by reading books but is to be understood and enjoyed by the two most important sense organs the eyes and the ears. Thus Nalanda′s library is multi-dimensional and projects Dance as a four dimensional phenomenon - existing in Time, Space, Body and Mind.

Thus besides books the library possesses

★  Music CDs pertaining to dance
★  Video DVDs of some of the greatest maestros of Indian Dance.
★  Knowledge packages on all styles as well as folk and tribal dances.
★  Photographs of archaeological monuments, icons and sculptures and much more.

Very naturally Nalanda′s Library stocks an enviable collection of a large range of books on dance and allied subjects. Knowledgeable individuals who have audited the library have been unanimous in their praise of the fabulous collection.

Besides dance the library also has books on following broad based subjects

★  Indian Culture
★  Indian Philosophy
★  Mythology
★  Epics
★  Vedas
★  Puranas
★  Hinduism
★  Buddhism
★  Jainism
★  Shaktism.
★  Indian History
★  Dvipantara Bharata (South East Asia)
★  Devotional (Bhakti) Literature
★  Hymns.

★  7 Classical Dance Styles
★  Hindustani Music
★  Carnatic Music
★  Classical Indian Theatre
★  Texts in Sanskrit and Regional Languages on the Natyashastric Tradition
★  Indian Aesthetics (Rasasootra)
★  Western Ballet
★  South East Asian Dances
★  Tribal and Folk Dances
★  Folk Theatre.

★  Indian Sculpture
★  Indian Iconography
★  Ancient and Medieval Indian Painting
★  Indian Temple Architecture.


  • Book Lending
  • Reference Service
  • Reprographic Service
  • OPAC
  • Internet Facility
  • Display of New Arrivals
  • Project Assistance
  • Article Alert
  • Study-Material/Notes
  • Viewing Facility of CDs, DVDs and various recordings.


  • Nalanda Nritya Kala Mahavidyalaya's implementation of the university courses and its broad based ramifications in offering flexibility to the learners are there for everyone to observe and appreciate.
  • It is to be remembered that not every learner who enrolls in this college will become a noted exponent. That privilege is available to only a few who have an abundance of talent, self-discipline, tenacity, an ability to put in maximum and exhausting physical effort and an alert intelligence. But there are others, and their numbers are considerable, who exhibit the essential attributes of good teachers as per the Nalanda ideology. These learners may not be themselves excellent performer material but are excellent teacher material.
  • And again there are some who exhibit a great capacity to visualize dances, are capable of giving physical manifestation to their visions in the form of dance pieces and/or productions. These are the expert choreographers.
  • Then there are those who exhibit high leadership qualities − ability to co-ordinate and take out the best from all the different personnel. These are the directors of groups who later mature as leaders of troupes or companies.
  • There are some who have deeply inquisitive minds and the patience and perseverance to inquire into matters. These are the researchers. The Nalanda methodology of implementing the course material offers ample opportunities to learners possessing diverse qualities and abilities.
  • Nalanda Dance Research Centre has planned and designed the entire institution with the attendant specialised facilities to serve one purpose only - the establishment and propagation of dance academics and research; these aims have been delineated earlier. The final goal is to achieve excellence as a "total dancer". At every level and juncture in the students′ life at the college efforts are made to provide better and improved environment and opportunities to upgrade their crafts and skills.
  • There are a number of lecture-demonstrations and workshops by maestros where almost the entire college participates.
  • The entire campus experience is very rich in terms of dance in its all-encompassing aspects and not as a glamorous aspect of cheap and popular entertainment.
  • Even after passing out the students keep on coming to Nalanda for master classes and reference.
  • Nalanda Dance Research Centre has also introduced a system where the toppers currently studying in the college are retained as part-time teachers for the children′s Foundation Classes on good salaries.
  • Another great opportunity that the meritorious performers of Nalanda Nritya Kala Mahavidyalaya get is the chance to participate in Nalanda Dance Research Centres truly professional production. These production are very highly acclaimed and are performed very regularly in all the major Festivals and venues in India as well as abroad.
  • It is a very staunch policy of Nalanda Dance Research Centre to select the dancers from Nalanda Nritya Kala Mahavidyalaya only. Only some lead roles are performed by the teachers. The entire production cost is bourne by Nalanda Dance Research Centre. Needless to state that the production values are of the highest order which stand up to recognised professional level.
  • Every year the students are given an opportunity to showcase their creative and technical skills in the form of the ANNUAL CHOREOGRAPHIC FESTIVAL.
  • The students are encouraged to do their own research and the spadework necessary for creating dance production with a strong storyline. It is amazing to see the high level of expertise and creativity exhibited by these young enthusiasts. This approach grooms the students to view classical dance practice and presentation in a contemporary perspective.
  • In the M.P.A. course the concept of B.Ed. has been adapted wherein Teaching Experience is a compulsory component. The post graduate students teach the juniors as per the syllabus under the direct supervision of the teachers. Their performance is meticulously assessed and these marks are added to the overall total at the M.P.A. degree levels.
  • A direct outcome of this training methodology is the establishment of their own dance institutions by the duly qualified individuals who are, in majority of cases, excellent teachers.
  • Nalanda Dance Research Centre has started a facility whereby these classes can be affiliated to Nalanda Dance Research Centre to teach the courses − "Prarambhika" and "Kovida". Annually examinations are conducted of such students and the results are announced by Nalanda Dance Research Centre and the relevant certificates awarded.
  • Dance is a tremendous physical activity which demands total flexibility of the body, good health, physical stamina and endurance to tackle the high levels of physical and mental stress generated while dancing. All these demands can be met with successfully only if the body is given proper nourishment which is based on scientific principles of NUTRITION. Also in certain individual cases some corrective exercises are necessary to counter adverse effects of musculo-skeletal exertion.
  • To cater to this great necessity the college has a state of the art NALANDA'S SVASTI THE FITNESS NUTRITION STUDIO. This facility is available to the staff and students at a very nominal fee. Master Trainer Mr. Mehul Lal, Fitness-Nutrition Expert also provides free Functional Training Classes for the students to enhance their mobility and functionality. He also provides free individual specific nutrition plans to the students based on their subjective requirements. The college also conducts free YOGA sessions for the students in association with a reputed Yoga Instructor. These morning sessions are specifically conducted before the college lectures begin on a daily basis, preparing the students for the rigourous practical sessions. There are intensive workshops of KALARIPAYETTU (martial art of Kerala) held on regular basis under the guidance of the experts at the martial art form.
  • Spread over an area of 30,000 sq. ft. which is totally dedicated to Classical Dance the college has spacious class rooms and practice halls.
  • Superb comprehensive multi-lingual Library.
  • Experimental Theatre (Kanaka Sabha).
  • State of the art recording - editing studio. (Akshara-Dhvani)
  • Viewing - listening facility.
  • Nalanda's SVASTI The Fitness Nutrition Studio.

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